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Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) is one of the provinces in Indonesia that have a good uniqueness culture, the nature, the biological diversity, and also the nature resources. The community is friendly, well-mannered and have fighting spirit that made NAD is one of the province that was counted successful in the development programm. However the very horrifying tsunami disaster that happened on Sunday morning, on December 26th 2004 had caused destruction almost in all the lines, one of them was the library. The Library province of Perpustakaan Daerah Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) in Banda Aceh that carried out the task of the management of the library in the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darusalam experienced means damage of the infrastructure and lost various resources, so the library and the centre of the documentation and information, was distroyed by the tsunami. Post the tsunami, the community and the NAD government began to rise up, and also the library. Because the government and the community believed that the library is the source of information, the series link of the history of the past, as the space of now and was the guide in planning and bringing about the better future. The development of the Library in NAD in accordance with the international standard became the step in the development and the beginning of the community of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam that are smart, advance, just and prosperous. This paper describe about the Aceh history, the condition, the development of the library post tsunami, the problem of the library in NAD, and strategic steps that better be carried out by the NAD government.

Key Words: The Acehnese library, the Information’s Source, the Tsunami


Acehnese who had previously called the Special Region of Aceh (19592001) and Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (2001 2010) is a province in Indonesia and the most western province in Indonesia. For reasons of history, Aceh has set its own autonomy, unlike most other provinces in Indonesia. This area borders the Bay of Bengal in the north, the Indian Ocean to the west, the Strait of Malacca in the east, and North Sumatra to the southeast and the south. (Wikipedia Indonesia)

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Library Development post-Tsunami

The damage caused by the tsunami so much devastating. In minutes, the urban and rural in several areas in NAD that was attacked by Tsunami, erased from the map. Material losses due to physical damage to the building estimated at Rp 42, 7 trillion. The amount of casualties and damage caused by the tsunami has tapped the public conscience Indonesian from many quarters, ranging from officials, government leaders, employees, mothers household and school children, to help ease the burden on the people suffering from the disaster of Tsunami. One of the post-Tsunami recovery activities that have being concern is the development and restructuring of the library were damaged very badly.

  1. NAD Library Building Rehabilitation

As a form of public concern to the library as a source of information, there have been held a charity concert and managed to collect a fund of Rp 2.9 billion from the series A Mild Live concert “United in Peace” Tour Iwan Fals and Slank at 27 city symbolically handed over to Head of the Library of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, the QB Yusnidar Book Store, Plaza Semanggi, Friday (10 / 6) evening. “There is very little indeed, to be overcome (due to major disasters) in Aceh. However, awareness of love and peace are spoken Iwan Fals and Slank more significant and should be done to Aceh, and Nias, “among others, expressed Harry Santoso of Detection Productions, as a promoter organizer.

The amount of funds donated are distributed through the Sampoerna Foundation has agreed to the utilization of rehabilitation projects NAD library building located at Jalan Lamgugop T. Nyak Arief, Banda Aceh. Stages of the rehabilitation process will be implemented in the third week in June 2005, following a number of library equipment, reading tables, chairs and bookshelves. Library renovation is expected to be able to optimize the existence of a library which will be utilized best by the people of Aceh to add information and expand knowledge.

At the authority time of Meukuta Sultan Iskandar Muda Perkasa Alam, Aceh is a very rich country and prosperous. According to an explorer from France who arrived in Aceh in the heyday of the era, the power reaching the west coast of Aceh Minangkabau. The power of Aceh also include up to Perak Malaysia. Sultanate of Aceh has a relationship with the kingdoms in the Western world in the 16th century, including the British, the Ottomans, and the Netherlands (Wikipedia Indonesia).

The tsunami which devastated Aceh on December 26th, 2004 caused many fatalities, estimated more than 112,000 people died, 128,000 people missing and about 412,000 people became refugees. The tsunami not only caused loss of life but also destroy the important libraries in Banda Aceh. KITLV (Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land-en Volkenkunde) in Leiden, initiated a project that aims to make the most of the literature on Aceh that are stored in the library KITLV available digitally.The Education Minister Government of the Netherlands has agreed to finance this project and the Royal Dutch National Library will oversee the process of digitizing books. Until now there are 656 files available digitally in pdf format on this website. Other titles will be added throughout the year 2009. The titles listed are books about Aceh with various languages such as Indonesian, Acehnese, English, Dutch, and also other languages in Europe. These books are published by the printing-press from Indonesia and Europe. The books are dated from the 17th century until now.

Library Problems in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

After the tsunami that occurred in Aceh, Nias and surrounding areas, development in various sectors began to be done, including the library. But there were problems that occurred around the construction of the library and reading interest is declining. This is certainly very worrying. Should be done more research and study in the existing problems, so it can look for appropriate solutions according to the situation and fast local conditions. One of the problems of development of successful library media quoted from the South Aceh library building. Development Office Library, Archives and Documentation, South Aceh District, located at Jalan TR Angkasah Tapaktuan, has abandoned. The project was funded by the provincial budget, is now left abandoned,  like  no man’s land projects.  Head Office Library, Archives and Documentation of South Aceh, Arwin Yasdi, this afternoon, say, due to abandoned new buildings, the implementation of library service duties and administrative settlement to be constrained. “We were forced to take narrow and leaks emergency office, books and office mobiler irregular and often wet,so the reader’s interest to be reduced relatively,” he said.  Meanwhile, the coordinator of the Anti-Corruption Solidarity Society (SOMASI) South Aceh, Saiful Bismi, confess, disappointed with abandoned project. SOMASI urged the competent parties immediately resume construction of the building and partnership working to review and adjusted to the physical realization of the funds used so that the area is not harmed (quoted from Waspada online, December 14th, 2009).

Another problem is the low interest of reading. The results United Nations Development Program (UNDP) some times ago, proven that Acehnese interest of reading is very low at the rank of the 112 surveyed from 117. On average, people who investigated said  that the low interest of reading the people of Aceh caused there were no libraries that are managed professionals throughout the district. Therefore, to increase public interest of reading, the government must immediately find a solution that are in the developing and managing library proportionately. Still, the librarian Indonesia Association (IPI)  Aceh province is currently conducting a survey about interest of reading in three districts of North Aceh, Central Aceh and in Banda Aceh. librarian Indonesia Association (IPI) in Aceh Province, Afterward, presented “according to Law of the library No. 43 of 2007, requested to all good library organizer at the provincial level will also for the district level, the library must be well organized and professional. Because the library is the main gate of the world and the knowledge warehouse. Now the new Aceh province had been built as many as 16 libraries from 23 districts / cities. The amount is still less than at least equal in number to the district / city.

Assessing existing problems, the Government of Aceh province continues to promote and develop the library building and holding activities that are positive, such as competition between libraries in the region of NAD. For example, Office of Archives and Library of Aceh Singkil although only one year old, has been able to gained into four major achievement of Public Library of NAD levels in 2008. From dozens of districts in Aceh Public Library, the jury of Archives and Library Board of NAD provides the best assessment of the fourth to the Office of Archives and Library of Aceh Singkil after Pidie, center Aceh and west Aceh.

Conclusion and Suggestions

The tsunami that struck Aceh, Nias and surrounding areas have been ravaged almost the entire joint lives of the people of Aceh. The disaster has claimed a very large, both in human casualties and physical damage. However, NAD Society not despair, they quickly got up and fought back to set up their life. With the help of various parties, both from within and outside the country, community and government officers NAD and NGO’s work together hand in hand to fix that ravaged Aceh. One of the priority development is the construction of the library. Because it is believed that the Library is a repository of knowledge, information sources, which can raise the intelligence of NAD community, and  reach a million prestation in national and international level. To further strengthen the construction of a library and an optimal utilization of the Library, it takes strategic steps include:

    • Implement The Law of Library No. 43/ 2007;
    • Increasing development budget in the entire Region Library NAD;
    • Make a Grand Design Library in Area NAD;
    • Establish Regional Library network among NAD regional, national and International;
    • To promote cooperation with the Library throughout Indonesia and the international communities;
    • Building a better data base library of Literature and the human resource;
    • Increasing the quantity and quality of library management of human resources according to the Indonesian National Standard (BSN);
    • Utilize the PosYandu entire NAD, to multi-functional, the existing post Yandu can be used also as a reading area;
    • Promotion and dissemination of the benefits of reading to all levels of society;
    • Library management should conduct a comparative study into abroad, which has a more advanced library.
    • Human resources quality improvement can be made through the scholarship program (formal education) and training (informal education).
    • Implementation of the suggestions above  wisely,  prudently, planned, programmed and integrated.


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